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There is magic in love, in families, in pregnancy, and in the start of new life. There is also magic in light, nature, and perception. I think that is why I love photography so much. There is just so much magic.

Photography, just like life, is filled with beautiful fleeting moments. Sometimes, I can feel the beauty behind the lens when I can’t even see all of the details in the moment. This sixth sense, a way of looking at the world a little differently, by slowing down time and seeking the beauty in the tiniest moments, is what photography is all about for me.

We only get to see so many sunrises and sunsets and I love the opportunity to be outside capturing the beauty of my clients’ lives in that golden hour.

Note: The header photo is my husband and me getting ready to sleep in the bed of the truck before a backpacking trip in the mountains. 

My Background

I’ve been an artist my whole life, and as you get to know me, you will realize that I use my creative talents in a lot of different ways. My journey into professional photography started first with my website design business and then with my wedding. But before that, I took a lot of photos of my life.

When I was a 16-year-old living in the South Suburbs of Chicago, I had the opportunity to take a photography class at the Art Institute of Chicago. Every day for a month, I took the train to the city and photographed my surroundings on black and white film with a fully manual SLR. In class, we learned how to adjust our aperture, shutter speeds, and then develop our rolls of film. Digital cameras took over the market shortly after (check out this cool chart!) but I feel fortunate that I had an opportunity to fully appreciate both film and digital photography.

black and white barn
black and white image of Chicago

Photos taken in Peotone and Chicago, IL, 2000.

black and white photo of mailbox

In college, I was very fortunate to have a number of opportunities to study abroad. My mother greatly encouraged my exploration of the world during this time and as a result, I spent hundreds of hours honing my photographic eye so I could adequately share the beauty I was seeing with her.

Villagers in a remote area of Bolivia.

India Coastline

Fishing wharf in India.

I moved to Denver in 2007 to get my masters degree in Architecture. I registered for an Architectural photography class and decided to upgrade to a proper Nikon Digital SLR. This class was a great refresher on how to manually shoot an SLR and I gained valuable insight into Architectural Photography.

Auraria Campus, Denver, CO

The same year that I moved to Denver, I got my first website design client. I was so excited! Over the next three years, I was able to expand my business by taking on a number of clients in the engineering and construction industry. My clients quickly realized I could offer a range of services and contracted me to document their projects which included buildings and bridges

Ramp A - Denver, CO
6th Ave Arch, Lakewood, CO
Ramp A - Denver, CO
Ramp A - Denver CO

Up until the last few years, photography was something I cherished for me. Sure I took photos of inanimate objects for my clients, but my joy was in capturing my memories, my experiences, and my story. And then I met my wedding photographer. Of course I was excited to talk to her about photography. She loved it too, and was amazingly talented. Then for some star-crossed reason, she asked if I ever wanted to assist her in shooting a wedding. Well, that sounded fun, scary, new, and hard! So for the first time in the long time, I turned my lens out towards the world, towards people, with the goal of telling their story, not mine. And I loved it.

Married Couple
Baby with Balloons

Please let me know how I can help you tell your story and capture the beauty and magic in your life.

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